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  A non-toxic, all-purpose, daily cleaner that really cleans everything,
  is environment safe, biodegradeable, phosphate free, non-hazardous.
  The green cleaner you cannot be without once you have tried it.

  The cleaner for home, business and industrial use.   Read More
  Quickly removes anything from all washable surfaces and fabrics.
  Ideal for everyday use; just Spray and Wipe to remove and clean.
  Ready-to-use; cleans hard surfaces, carpets, upholstery, laundry ...
  Stain-eliminating; removes grease, food stains, scuff marks, lipstick ...
  Cuts through stubborn grease, grime and dirt, leaving no residue.

  Available in stores, online and direct volume. Read More
  Grocery and hardware stores for consumers.           Canada   USA
  Online direct order with convenient postal delivery.
  Direct volume purchases for commercial outlets and industrial use.

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  The top all purpose Spray and Wipe cleaner that cleans everything.
  Accomplish all of your cleaning tasks from a single bottle and save.
  Top notch service. 
  Competitive prices, online delivery direct to your post-mail doorstep.
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"It works, it's wonderful!"
— Grace; BC 2016
"Unbelievably effective!"
— Pete; Ontario 2011
"Green before 'green' was in vogue."
— Lillian; BC 2010
"The best multi purpose cleaner by far!"
— Lori; Alberta 2010
"This stuff is sheer magic!"
— Jim; Alberta 2006
"Amazing cleaning power."
— Nancy; USA 2005
"Fabulous product"
— Dawn; MB 1995
"You only need one cleaner."
— Jeanne; Ontario 1975
"Spray Kleen is a miracle"
— Don; BC 1969
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