Spray Kleen TradeMark
Spray Kleen Trigger Sprayer

Family owned
and operated
since 1968.


Image Spray Kleen was first manufactured in 1968 by Thomas F. Hall in Pitt Meadows BC, Canada. In those early days, Tom had a special way of convincing others he had the best all purpose cleaner. He would visit grocery supermarkets and speak to the manager, customers in the aisle, or anyone who would listen.  Tom would demonstrate the power of Spray Kleen by writing with an ink ball point pen on his newly pressed khaki trousers or white shirt. People were simply amazed when Tom then removed the ink stains with Spray Kleen.  The rest is history. Tom continued to make Spray Kleen and plastic bottles in the Pitt Meadows plant until he retired at the age of 81 in 2003, when his daughter Carol continued.


Image Carol helped her father run the Spray Kleen operation on and off since 1968 and worked with him full time since 1985.  Raw materials are obtained from proven quality suppliers, and strict quality control is maintained on the manufacturing of Spray Kleen.  Look for the Spray-Kleen Girl with the aqua-tinted liquid in the bottle. The same handle-grip is used for both the sprayer and refill bottles - so a trigger sprayer fits on both bottles, no more pouring from one bottle to the other.  We here at Spray Kleen, as Carol's father before her, are committed to providing the best all-purpose cleaner available at a competitive price.  Spray Kleen continues to be a family owned and operated business.


Image Spray Kleen, still the same original all purpose cleaner, is sold in many consumer grocery and hardware stores, and to commercial businesses for industrial use. It is also available on-line. We have an excellent record for prompt and on-time delivery with all our customers. Our reputation rests on the many people who continually let us know how they have used Spray Kleen for years, how they love the cleaning power of the product, have found no other cleaner like it or as good, and they simply cannot do without it.