Spray Kleen TradeMark
Spray Kleen Trigger Sprayer

Family owned
and operated
since 1968.
Direct Online
Spray Kleen is available direct from our production plant / warehouse in British Columbia. Place an order or reorder online when you can´t get Spray Kleen at a store near you. Competitive prices and delivery is direct to your post-mail doorstep.
Your purchase will be delivered direct to your mail doorstep via post-mail. The Post system is our shipper of choice, both nationally and internationally. Prices include the cost of handling and shipping by Post to the delivery address.
Shipping Delivery
      Shipping   Rates
Canada Post
We post deliver to your mail doorstep.
We also ship via FedEx to the USA.
  Shipping Rate: 
We´ll ship and email you as soon as possible after we receive payment. Delivery time involves Post delivery standards and our fullfilment time. Allow approximately 3+ business days, double that to the United States.