Spray Kleen TradeMark
Spray Kleen Trigger Sprayer
How to Order
Placing an order online is as easy as 1-2-3 pages:  <shop> <cart> <checkout> and the order confirmation page. Order takes just 4 easy steps. All our website shopping pages are https secure.

On the <Products> menu tab, click or tap:
< Shop an Order > to initially start a new online order without signing in and by selecting a product in the products shop  or
< Reorder > to sign-in with your userid and password to recall your most recent online shopping cart order;  modify it if neccessary before you reorder.
  1. SHOP page - select a shop product you wish to order and place in your shopping cart. Click the <View Cart> button if the cart isn't empty or click <Order> or <Reorder> to start over.

  2. CART page - view your shopping cart and enter your bill-to address. Select freight if available, and enter a separate ship-to address if so desired. If you make any changes on this page, click on <Update Cart> to apply them. Return to the shop to add other products as neccesary.

  3. CHECKOUT page - select and fill in your choice of payment method: credit card online, telephone us your credit card info, or send a cheque. Check all your input info then click <Confirm Order> to submit your order.

  4. Confirmation page - write down your acknowledgement ID or print the page. That is all there is to it!   For questions please contact us.

Delivered prices include shipping and handling and display in the products shop. We ask for your address location before entering the products shop as shipping costs depend on your country and its region. Shipping will be via expedited post-mail direct to your mail-doorstep. Also see shipping.