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Spray Kleen Trigger Sprayer
Payment  Options  at  Checkout
You will be able to choose of the following three options at your order checkout:
Pay by using a credit card online.
This is the most convenient method. Shipping will be via expedited post-mail; its cost is included in the list price.
Pay by phoning in your card info.
To arrange your own shipping contact us.
Pay by post-mailing a cheque.
If you prefer to send us a cheque by regular mail, we will process your order upon receipt of your cheque payment. If you would like to arrange your own shipping please contact us.

Delivered prices include shipping and handling and display in the products shop. We ask for your address location before entering the products shop as shipping costs depend on your country and its region. Shipping will be via expedited post-mail direct to your mail-doorstep. Also see shipping.