Spray Kleen TradeMark
Spray Kleen Trigger Sprayer
Stores for consumers: grocery and hardware stores.  
  For consumer stores:
        On the <Available> menu tab, click on your desired area
        then click your desired store´s website and select a store
        for its: location address, phone numbers and open hours.
Online orders ship via postal delivery from our plant to you.
  For online orders:
        On the <Products> menu tab, click or tap:
        <Shop an order> then enter your postal code address,
        or   <Reorder>    then enter your userid and password.
        Follow the on-screen instructions to step through
        the <shop>, <cart>, <checkout>, and <confirm> pages.
        Note your order aknowledgement on the <Confirm> page.
Direct volume purchase for commercial outlets / industrial use.
  For direct volume purchases:
        Shipping: fob our warehouse.  See all products
        Arrange your own shipping   or  we can arrange shipping.
        Volume discounts for ten or more cases please